Brake Testing of all trackless mobile machinery

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Brake Safe Mining is a company, who is ISO 9001:2008 accredited.

As required by the Mine Health and Safety act 1996 (Act no 29 of 1996) we as Brake safe mining conduct on-site brake testing on all trackless mobile machinery to SANS 1589/20013/6292/1447/3450 standards.

Brake safe mining specializes in the on-site brake testing of all trackless mobile machines to SANS standards as required by the MHSA 1996 (Act no 29 of 1996)

We also do illumination testing on all mining machines as set out in the minerals act regulation 15.3.2
We supply a certificate & keep records of all tests on our database for 5 years.

We test vehicles strictly according to the following standards:

  • SANS 1589 – The braking performance of trackless underground mining vehicles – Load haul dumpers and dump trucks
  • SANS 1447 – Braking – motor and towed vehicles, designed for low speed or for use off public roads
  • SANS 3450 – Earth moving machinery – braking systems of rubber-tyred machines – systems and performance requirements and test procedures
  • SANS 20013 – Surface vehicles. This specification covers the braking system of motor vehicles and trailers.  Maximum design speed exceeding 35km/h intended for use on public roads
  • SANS 6292 – Powered industrial trucks and tractors – brake performance and component strength